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Our home, your Shelter

Once in a while, something magical happens in Wynwood, you walk into a place and you forget where you are, stepping into Shelter Pizza has that effect.

You are suddenly transported to argentines breathtaking nature and wildlife with a menu influenced by the wide scope of agricultural products that are abundant in the country.

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Our home, your Shelter

Our wood fired ovens prepare varieties of special dishes such as classic home made Empanadas and Pizzas while other specialties include a great assortment of prime meats and fresh fish.

Our fine selection of wines and spirits at Shelter Pizza are designed to complement not only the food, but also the atmosphere .. The menu offers classic as well as signature cocktails created by master mixologists. We also carry local crafted draft beers that compliment perfectly our dishes.


Discover an unforgettable place


Tuesday 5PM- 11PM

Wednesday 5PM- 11.30PM

Thursday 5PM-1AM

Friday 5PM-1AM

Saturday 5PM-1AM

Sunday 12PM-11PM

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